Business Application Development

As a small business expands the overheads of managing the business tend to grow in tandem. Often this takes the key people away from their passion and skills as they find themselves spending more time managing the day to day processes of the business.

Off the shelf software can be bought in, and often will help, but many businesses would like custom information systems designed around their processes. This is where we can help with a FileMaker Pro development.

FileMaker Pro is a database development platform now in it's 14th version, and provides a stable powerful development toolkit that in the right developer hands can help you take your business to the next level.

GroundSwellDesign can design and implement a custom information system for your business built around your specific requirements. This system will be network ready, run the system in your office with co-workers accessing the data simultaneously, will run on a PC or a Mac, can be taken and accessed on the road from your iPad, and can be integrated to work with your website.

We also ensure our FileMaker Pro systems are scalable, and by that we mean as your business grows, the system will be able to grow with it, there will be no need to re-design and rebuild as you go from 4 employees to 20, or 300 clients to 800.

Recently we undertook a development with Marmot Tours which has helped them greatly increase their operational efficiency and stream line their activity holiday business.